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… so i cross my heart and i hope to die …

Posted on Sep 18, 2012

So, I have FINALLY found the time to update Shattered Memories! I made a new layout featuring Damon and Elena from Vampire Diaries. I know they were on the last layout but they are just so art-able and pretty so I had to use them again. I was going to wait until all the season 4 promos came out but the only ones they’ve released so far weren’t really what I was looking for. I seemed to have missed this picture from season 3 promos but when I recently saw it on Netflix I just knew I had to use it in my art!

Anyway, I do have a couple new pieces of art for you guys. Sadly, I haven’t made much in the past year so it’s only 5 pieces but I’ve been really missing it lately and have had some inspiration so I’m sure new pieces are on the way soon!

A Thousand Years {The Twilight Saga}—I made this soooo long ago! I think it was before part one of Breaking Dawn even came out. I actually made it as a header for the Lion & Lamb (the Edward and Bella livejournal community) header contest. But I ended up loving it so much that I decided it should be a wallpaper too! I won the contest by the way, something I was super excited about because I’ve been entering those contests since the beginning and have never won until now! It’s probably still going to be up for a little bit if any of you would like to see it: http://lion_lamb.livejournal.com

Beautiful {The Mortal Instruments}—Another piece I made soooo long ago. I was super excited when Lily Collins was cast as Clary in the City of Bones movie because I feel that she is just so perfect for the role. I had lots of fun making her hair red and applying the shadow hunter runes to her skin.

Some Say {Game of Thrones}—Just thought Robert Frost’s ‘Fire and Ice’ went well with George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and Daenerys. Thanks to Elle for making such an awesome manip!

One Day {The Vampire Diaries}—HELLO, FAVORITE NEW COUPLE. This last season of Vampire Diaries was so pro-Klaus, which bothered me at first… until he started showing interest in Caroline. These two need to happen so badly. Their chemistry is through the roof! You can bet that many more Klaroline pieces will be coming your way.

All Night Long {The Vampire Diaries}—Just the wallpaper version of the new layout.

I’ve added Nate & Rachel to my affiliates, be sure to check out their fabulous sites!

I’ll probably be back soon, within the next month or so, with new art so check back soon. Hope you all have an awesome week! <3

… there’ll be no sunlight if I lose you baby …

Posted on Nov 17, 2011

Hey guys! I’m sure most of you have probably noticed that the site has been down the past couple months. I was having some problems with my host. Anyway, it’s all fixed now, I’ve switched hosts. Be sure to let me know if any of you find anything wrong on the site. Also, I couldn’t save all the old posts when switching over to the new host but that’s fine, I’ll start over! ;)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any new art for you guys at the moment. But with The Hunger Games & Snow White and the Huntsman trailers now out (they are fanart-ing gold mines!) I’m sure I’ll have a bunch of new pieces soon! In the meantime, enjoy my new layout featuring The Vampire Diaries & The Secret Circle.

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